Top 5 Contingent Workforce Issues Your MSP Can Solve

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Top 5 Contingent Workforce Issues Your MSP Can Solve

Trying to manage a temporary workforce can be somewhat like herding cats, with their various work styles and time zones, softwares and tools. Merely coordinating contingent or temporary workers can feel a lot like full-time juggling. Despite the benefits of hiring contingent or temporary workers, managing a contingent or temporary workforce creates multiple issues, most of which can be addressed by a good MSP Partner: Finding and hiring the right people Organizations often need highly skilled temp workers, but may not be sure where to find them. Sure, you can post on Craigslist or some other job boards, but that is not terribly efficient, and besides, who is going to take the time to vet all the potential candidates and choose the ideal ones for your company? MSPs have relationships with multiple suppliers, giving them quick access to quality talent which is essential when companies need workers quickly. They can directly reach out to the most qualified candidates and save you time and effort looking for the best fit for your needs. Financial efficiency Your MSP will facilitate the process to get you the most qualified candidates while saving you time and effort. When hiring temporary workers, you want to offer competitive rates that will attract the highest quality talent, while avoiding overpaying for services. MSPs serve as strategic liaisons between clients and agencies. Due to their vast knowledge of the market, your MSP is able to offer advice and work with you to develop a fair and competitive pricing structure. MSPs track order management, worker utilization and manage the invoicing process to reduce cost and rogue spending. Visibility and Consolidation Organizations utilizing contingent workforce solutions across multiple cities and states may not have the visibility necessary to standardize and consolidate their processes. Many times, each location operates independently, utilizing their preferred vendors, negotiating their own rates, and establishing their own onboarding procedures. This typically results in vastly different products across the same organization which makes it extremely difficult to track spending, compliance, and performance. An MSP will evaluate and consolidate these various processes and pricing strategies and processes and u se their knowledge and expertise to offer process improvements and standardization of program guidelines to eliminate chaos. An MSP will conduct a market analysis to develop a competitive pricing structure that could result in cost savings. With the use of a Vendor Management System (VMS), your MSP will be able to track and monitor all job orders and hires through one centralized system which allows you to gain great visibility into allocation of resources and a reduction in rogue spending. Failure to remain compliant If you are working with various staffing vendors, it can be difficult to ensure that they are remaining compliant with your expectations. An MSP will provide direct flow down terms and conditions to all suppliers and take responsibility to audit and ensure that all suppliers are following these set guidelines and standard processes in order to remain in the program. A good MSP partner will work with your team to develop and streamline processes and procedures while offering best practice advice and guidance. Performance and relationship management One of the most common pain points we hear about from clients looking to implement an MSP/VMS solution for their organization is that they are overwhelmed with the task of trying to manage the performance of and relationships with all their staffing vendors. This, along with cost savings, is one of the main reasons MSP solutions have gained popularity. MSPs will step in and become the sole point of contact between the client and all of the staffing vendors. They will coordinate all orders and candidate tracking, hiring, interviewing, onboarding, terminations, and more, and will do so using their vendor management system (VMS) to provide real time data and reporting. The MSP will also take ownership over monitoring vendor performance and determining when coaching or replacement is necessary to ensure that the program maintains only high performing and competitive vendors that deliver top notch talent for your organization. Utilizing a contingent workforce can provide organizations with a scalable and cost effective solution for their staffing needs, but trying to manage the ins and outs of a high functioning contingent workforce program can be extremely difficult and stressful. A proper MSP partner can alleviate much of this pain and allow your organization to enjoy the benefits of a scalable workforce solution without all of the headache. Contact Staffing XL today to learn more about what we can do as your MSP partner.
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